About Us

It has been said that beer is made by man and wine is made by the gods. We wholeheartedly agree!

While Indonesia is not traditionally a country of wine drinkers, times change, as do habits and lifestyle, and here, on this great nation people are discovering the joy contained in a bottle of wine.

Europeans have been enjoying this magical elixir of life for hundreds of years, using wine making techniques that date back centuries. We greatly respect this tradition, but at the same time we wanted to create a modern wine that is light, tropical and playful – we like to call it wine for the new generation.

Here at Plaga we believe in keeping things simple. Life is short, so live your dream and live it NOW. Who has me to wait for wine to age in the cellar? Why not buy a bottle today that is good to drink today? And as for fancy jargon about the complexities of wine making.... Who cares? Well, actually, our highly talented Argentinian wine maker does – he makes it his business to care, but doesn’t need to bother you with details about soil quality and tannins. However, you can rest assured, his wine is made from the finest imported grapes from premium wine growing areas of Chile, Western Australia and soon Europe, which is fermented and bottled right here in Indonesia.

At Plaga we believe that by using the most advanced technology available, we can make the best wine for this market . Our state-of-the-art winery and sophisticated techniques will ensure that each and every bottle is the quality that our consumers deserve – highly enjoyable, fresh young wine that is both alluring in flavor and affordable in price.

Plaga Wine is a company part of PT. Indowines group, one of the oldest and largest wine importers for Indonesia. We are 100% “asli” Indonesia, using the best enological products and equipment available in the winemaking market. We distribute in the main markets of Indonesia and soon overseas and we love to see Plaga everywhere.

We have been working hard for the last five years to achieve what you have in your glass now. Plaga is the result of the effort of many people, from all around the globe, to deliver for Indonesian consumers an affordable, always available and good quality product. Passionate people united by one only thing: the Love for wine.
Rise your glass and celebrate with us. Plaga Wine. Celebrate.

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