Mar 08, 2019


Wine lovers, If you planning for a party or you just want to enjoy long weekend or maybe just regular Friday night out with your friend, family or lovers, we suggest to have Sangria !

First, Here is fun facts that you should know about Sangria.
What is Sangria ?
Is a alcoholic beverages. Sangria is the Spanish name for a sugar-sweetened wine and fruit cocktail.

This spiked punch usually mixes in red wine, simple syrup, a few drops of brandy and chopped fruit. The wine can be any inexpensive type that is light, dry and young, but red is preferred.

The name sangria comes from sangre, the Portuguese word for blood.

Sangria commonly use as welcome drink, free flow drink at party, some event use it as a part of wedding, birthday launching & opening party.

Its good value of money instead of using whole wine bottles nor any spirit.

Now, lets talk about the simple step to make Sangria.

Few weeks ago we spend time with La Bandida family and talk about Sangria, the talk going so well until we didn't realise that we made one!
Some people make sangria a day before and let it stay overnight before serving. This method makes the fruits absorb the alcohol and Sangria taste more "kicking" than making at actual time of serving.

"Both is fine as long as long as its using great wine" . Said bartender from La Bandida -

Here is Plaga Sangria tutorial by Labandida Family:

What you need:
1. Plaga wine ( Red / White ) ( Cask / Bottle )
2. Fruits ( Recommended to use berries / citrus / some tropical fruit like pineapple , apple & peach also recommended )
3. Ice
4. Mint Leaves
5. Cinnamon
6. Soda Water ( we using orange soda water for this time )

Step 1 :
Pour the ice into glasses

Step 2 :
Pour the red wine & soda water with ratio 1:1 , blend and mix it well

Step 3 :
Chop the fruits into dice, pour into glass and mix it well

Step 4 :
Secret & Final touch is by add cinnamon, 1/4 tablespoon per glass is perfect, and mint leaves on the top of it
* The cinnamon make a little bit spice kickin in your tongue the sweetness will balance with the acidity of the fruits

Voila ! A glass of red sangria is ready to serve

Depend on how much you want to make, you can simply times the ratio or anything is fine ! Creativity is welcome for any alcoholic beverages right !


Thanks to La Bandida Family for sharing fun facts about Sangria, PS: they have Sangria Thursday ! FREE FLOW Sangria every Thursday with a purchase of food, your welcome .

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