Mar 13, 2019


The First One and Only, Wine Moves.
Celebrating February, the month of love with music, people you love and wines.

The event was held at our Winehouse , Kerobokan Bali.
Short Chocolate educational class and pairing with Krakakoa Chocolate,
Canapes and finger bites from Belissimo Bali. and sweet treat from Mothers Pies and Cakes.

The special perfomances by Caramellate is really made the night remarkable.
and Lastly, short presentation and quiz from Plaga wine.

We share mostly about our latest portfolio, Moscato Frizzate.
Most of the locals, and Asian country they do not have wine drinking habit nor wine cellar in their home. They need something good, wine to drink right here right now, and with affordable price.

It is really great night and we are happy to have opportunity to share knowledge about Plaga wine, with wine all night and everybody is showing their Wine Moves !

Thank you for all the sponsorship:
Krakakoa Chocolate
Caramellate Band
Mothers Pies and Cakes
Belissimo Bali

See you on the next Wine Moves ! Cheers
Plaga wine, Plaga Celebrate.