How to taste the wine in collaboration with double six rooftop sunset bar

Menno Verhaar – Sommelier Double Six Luxury Hotel

In a beautiful and stunning rooftop sunset bar over looking Indian Ocean, It is a perfect place to enjoy the sunset while enjoying a glass of wine.
Talking about observing wine it does not only about taste, “tasting” the wines require some steps, It is 3 different steps starting with looking at the color of the wine, secondly is smell the nose of the wine and then finally come to the step tasting the wine.
Looking at the very first or starting step of tasting the wine is looking at the color of the wine, color of the wine is telling almost everything about the wine, maybe it’s the country of origin, age of the wine, and more importantly is the type of the wine.
Today, wine that we going to observe is Sauvignon Blanc . It is light, obviously it is young Sauvignon Blanc, and in general Sauvignon Blanc is best to be drunk at young age. Funny thing about white wine is that it increases pigment when they get old. As you realize white wine will get darker, and it goes the opposite of red wine. It is get lighter when it is get older.
Sauvignon Blanc is bright, little bit greenish even, it is refreshing and very light in color, best tips is to hold the glass over the white background or towards sun light.

That is the first step of tasting the wine.