ART • BALI contemporary art exhibition

In the end, it‘s not the places nor the moments that create the memories in us. It is ourselves that create those monuments inside to be remembered.

#ARTBALI2019 : “Speculative Memories” invites us to revisit those memories we have about events, histories, values, and others through 49 contemporary artworks that are presented by 32 artists from Indonesia, Canada, Germany, Japan, New Zealand, and USA.

It started from the idea of extracting narratives from the timeline of origins and history in various approaches interpreted in “speculative memories”. This idea is inseparable from the representation of reality constructed by cognitive and empirical methods. Memories are often born with different realities, being recorded and then growing into different manifestations and understandings, allowing itself to be present again in a same room. However, it also often gives birth to paradoxes since a memory of things can suddenly become a contradiction.

The artworks displayed at this exhibition have given birth to their own events. They shapes their own realities through the exploration of various possibilities. And the memory of the past timeline holds a perspective that is not necessarily used by the great powers; instead it presents small bits of stories that have been buried, washed away, stuck to be unearthed, discovered, and re-presented today among us. From this, we can see together the multitude of stories and facts that are not merely linear; they are often lyrical and together play a role in embodying this journey of our humanity and co-existence.

Depicted through the works, we‘re asked to build dialogues and negotiate about the memories we have, and thus decide whether to recreate or reinforce those memories.
ART • BALI contemporary art exhibition is on view until 13 January, 2020.
Open daily : 11 AM - 09 PM
at AB•BC Building

For more information, visit website.