Celebrating Earth Hour with an exceptional collaboration Dinner with Ju.Ma.Na Bali.
This dinner collaboration is very special as it is bring 6 hands Dinner: 2 Chefs, and 1 Mixologist Abroad.

Well known experience Chef Oscar Wijaya from Ju.Ma.Na Bali, Was born in Palembang, Sumatera. Indonesia
Has been settled in Bali for almost a year now, 7 Years cooking experience and specialize in Modern French and Asian Cuisine. Before settled in Bali, Chef Oscar has experienced cooking in Singapore, Macau and Dubai. While in Macau, and Dubai Chef Oscar worked at Michelin Star Restaurant.
All the menu in Ju.Ma.Na Bali Restaurant are created by Chef Oscar.

During the interview, Chef Oscar mention that his passion of cooking growth from his interest to see his Mother cooking.
"It is such a satisfaction to see someone enjoy my food" The love that shared and stated from the dish is rewarded by the word "such a delicious meal, thank you"

His friendship with Chef Nic from Salon Bali, makes this event happen.
Chef Nic is an Executive Chef at Indigo Hotel, An Industry professional graduated from the Australian Institute of Technology.

Last but not least, Mixologist Yudi. His passion in beverages and creativity, magically turns our wine into easy-to-drink, beautiful present cocktails.
One of the coctail served is made from our latest wine in our portfolio, Frizzante.
From yellow-ish gold wine he turns into black , classy coctails. Using the mix of black squid ink, home-made chocolate vodka and secret recipe of egg foam.

This Dinning Experience cost 1.000.000 IDR

Enjoy Plaga wine by the glass at Banyan Tree Bali,
and Ju.Ma.Na daily special event " swig & nibbles " IDR 400.000 for 2 glass choices of cocktails / wine & Canapes.

Plaga wine, Plaga Celebrate