Dunk into Plaga x Doughnut Pairing

Who doesn’t love doughnut ? its childhood memory and almost everyone comfort dessert choice. Some doughnut in the morning with a cup of coffee never sounds better. Never comes across mind to paired “childhood” food with “adult” drinks. And yes we are agree that a good wine should paired with good food. We never say doughnut is not include in “a good food” category right? So, think again. Because we going to tell you a double-trouble.

Throw the expectations out the freaking window (literally throw your cup of coffee out the window) and get your wine instead. We’ve matched classic doughnuts with their perfect vino. And before your boss, wife, parents, whoever even asks, yes, it’s acceptable to drink wine in the morning? if there’s a doughnut attached to it. Obvi.

Here is the secret doughnut affair :

The Orginal Plain x Chardonnay

A pure and simple flavour brings the plain doughnut to the next level. Old faithful doughnut, meet old faithful wine. Slightly crunchy on the outside, cakey and soft on the inside. The characteristic pineapple and banana from Chardonnay have been seasoned with cinnamon and vanilla.

Old Fashioned Chocolate Doughnut x Cabernet Merlot

Cabernet Merlot has been always a perfect pairing for rich flavour dishes, especially those made with chocolate and cinnamon. A natural slight sweetness empowers the big structure in mouth. From the wine we can smell all the oak influences with notable spices aromas like pepper and milk chocolate flavours, but also sweet expressions like cinnamon and caramel. Now that’s a sweet childhood memory

Strawberry Frosted x Sweet Rosè

Looking for sweet, light, balance dessert ? here is the answer ! The strawberry frosted doughnut is the greatest doughnut to ever exist. Not only is it ICONIC, it’s sweet, fruity, and comes with sprinkles. WHO doesn’t like sprinkles? When you think pink with your doughnuts you need to think pink with the wine. The dry Rosè makes the sweetness from the doughnut balance. Your very most welcome for new colour-coordinated Instagram post now.

Cinnamon Twist Doughnut x Cabernet Sauvignon

Who can blame the perfection of fruity hint doughnut, it’s sweet, slightly tart, and even has a subtle cinnamon spice. It’s basically fall in a doughnut and there’s only one wine we’re thinking of that would complement this perfectly. Cabernet Sauvignon, The temptation of sweet and spices, a best friend that stays together.

Boston Cream Doughnut x Sweet Rose

The Boston cream doughnut is as full-flavored as they come. For those who been lying in bed all day, Time for Sugar Rush! Little energy to boost your mood and start doing something else rather than hooking up with your laptop! . This dessert will be your guilty pleasure, A sweet but balanced wine with along pleasant finish.

Cruller x Sauvignon Blanc

The Classics. Hand Twisted light taste doughnut deserve a light and all the times light and perfect finish Sauvignon Blanc. Because it has just enough sweetness to blend with the doughnut.

Last but not least,

Bombolone x Frizzante

Both the wine and doughnut has a hidden surprise after first bite and sip. One has a secret filling inside and one’s has a little frizz feeling! A punch of chocolate or jam inside the doughnut blends with refreshing hint of white fruits and a flowers from the wines that wraps the palate.

Donut you want me baby?
You drive me glazy

Plaga Wine, Plaga Celebrate