Fine – Wine activity to do at pandemic

6 months quarantine and still going, we probably have enough of same activity, and same things to see every day. However, at certain point we also not ready to be at crowd place yet.

Here is some “outdoor” activity that safe to do at the moment:

Playing Kite

Kite season is now! Good weather, blue sky and chilly wind
Since border still close traveling, probably our country not as busy as it usually does. The traffic is empty and sky is less pollution, is a perfect time to fly kite. Just grab your picnic basket and Plaga Wine, go to secret beach or wild field.

Picnic and Barbeque at backyard

Missing night out? Probably need to consider doing this. A small barbeque party with your homies, its actually more than a night out since a lot activity can help you to bond closer, from preparation cooking and don’t forget, drinking!

Escape to Nature

Time to explore some hidden germ in Nature, when you used too busy for a nature escape and prefer a bar night-out, now is the time to heal your mind. Go to secret waterfall, secret beach at the cliff, camp while stargazing at hill.
Don’t go with big group, just couple of friends, or family, and of course Plaga Wine

Fun fact, maybe at some point the universe want us to explore more in nature, give a little break from bar, club, crowd gathering.

Even If your favorite Bar, Club, Restaurant, Supermarket is closed today.
We always here to celebrate with you

Plaga Wine, Plaga Celebrate