Heritage and Cultural Event, Jatiluwih Festival 2019

Interpreting the philosophy of subak as a manifestation of the integrity of life in harmony with man-nature-God as the actualisation of the philosophy of Tri Hita Karana.

This Festival is about exploring and preserving cultural heritage and traditions to bring out the character and identity of Jatiluwih, Efforts to improve livelihoods and the economic value of Jatiluwih villagers.

Promote natural and cultural tourism that priorities the presentation of community-based experiences and values. Preservation and development of art, culture and traditions of Jatiluwih villagers.

Familiar artist such as No-Stress, Rio Sidik Quintet, Kroncong Jancuk, Gus Teja performed at the event, also many traditional music and local talent exhibition.
This festival also bring the heritage and traditional food from Tabanan, such as kue laklak, babi guling, and many more.

Proud to be sponsor of this festival,
See you next year.
Plaga wine, Plaga Celebrate