Home : Your New Runaway

Time to say temporary good bye for 10/30 minutes waste time to choose daily wear.
What to say, the official announcement of physical distancing no longer to allow us to do cat-walk at bar or favorite coffee shop and fashion show at office.

Meanwhile you have more time at home you can start to diving to your wardrobe, give up some old unfitted skinny jeans and put on garage sale some couple t-shirt with your ex. Its time to discover “you only wore one-time clothes” and “I didn’t know I have this jacket” and mix and match them to the new whole season fashion show when it’s all ends.

Also, good things are here wine lovers, while we are stay at home, our beloved partners have some special gift for you! So, you can stay stylish even you are at home.

Hi Jack Sandals

Cool kids from Bandung want us to always wear a good footwear to a good place.
Since forever they known with always outside the box marketing idea and put the society on top of their goals.
#continueliving is their special promo to support those who stay at home and save lots for other needs. PS: they give up to 20% OFF promo

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The Moon Sleep Wear

They said, “Woman will inspire you and Woman will protect you” , a generous idea of the moon sleep wear founder giving mask for free for those you buy up to 2 pcs the moon sleep wear.
Remember to be safe you need to protect others too.

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WA: 081246970047


Close at Heart : Avoiding close contact, self-isolating, limiting social visits. These do sound lonely but don't let #socialdistancing bring you down, we're all in this together.
FLVX giving “close at heart” tote bag for FREE (value of 99K) every min purchase of 450K*

Hang in there Bali Kids, soon after all this end lets together watch sunset and explore Canggu.

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Plaga Wine, Plaga Celebrate