How to Find Your Wine s Promised

How to choose THE perfect wine ?

Even though it looks difficult, you don’t need years of study or a full expertise to choose a wine that YOU like.
Here is 4 questions you need to ask yourself in order to choose the adequat wine :

1. What do I like?
Let’s start with something you can easily answer for yourself. If you have experienced wine before, you should know what you like or dislike about the taste of wine.
Try to be as general as possible in identifying what you like. I could be something like : “I love rich, fruity reds,” or “citrus white”. It will help you start your research. Try to take photos about the labels that you like and the ones you don’t, this could help you in the future !

2. What’s the occasion?
Is it a for a party ? Is it for dinner ? Is is a present ?
Identifying the occasion is a big part of choosing the wine.
For casual occasion or just to hang out, no need for a memorable bottle (like you would buy for very special occassion). Instead, choose something that would recall the sense of joy and and reunion. Emotions are almost as important as the taste.
If it is for a dinner, what would you be eating ? Food and wine pairing can be important to enhance all of the tastes and sensations. With keeping in mind what your preferences are, the most important here to not buy a wine that will ruin your wine (or vice versa).
If you are at a restaurant, waiters will be able to help you with suggestions for a good pairing.

3. What is my budget ?
This look like a simple and logical question, but it would be extremely annoying to not ask it and regret it later on.
Keep in mind that expensive does not always mean better quality, same with cheap wine !
Try to prioritize what is your need, again, based on the occasion.

4. Can you help me ?
Asking for some advice is nothing to be ashamed of, and people will be kind to help you ! Especially if you are in a shop or in a restaurant, there will always people with good wine knowledge to guide you. With the information of occasion, budget and preferences, you will be able the perfect bottle.

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