Iconic 80s and 90s Wine Moves

Who doesn’t miss the 80’s or 90’s? With flashy and retro looks, those were the times when you thought you couldn’t be any cooler. Looking back now at your old high school photos, you probably want to hide in a hole and forget you ever wore that corset belt or that awful fanny pack. Those times were not only about questionable fashion trends. How could you be the coolest guy/chick at the party without showing-off some ridiculous, but yet iconic, dance moves ?
Just for you, we decided to list all your all-time favorite dance moves for its 7 year anniversary.

1. The Robot
Nothing too difficult with that one, just need to imitate the movements of a robot while staring in the void like you have no emotions.
2. The Sprinkler
Place one hand behind their neck, waving their arms backwards and forwards whilst spinning in a circle. Congrats, you are now a human lawn sprinkler.
3. The Running Man
For this dance you need to be standing in the same spot, shuffling your legs like a runner and moving your arms in a modified push up. This dance originated from Africa and was made famous by artists such as Janet Jackson and MC Hammer.
4. The Macarena
Do we really have to explain the most iconic dance of all time ?
5. The Moonwalk
Famous thanks to Michael Jackson, this might the hardest dance move. Try to glides backwards while appearing to be walking forward. You’ll need a lot of space and practice to be as cool as the King of Pop.
6. The MC Hammer Dance
Wiggle your body like wet spaghetti, and shuffle your feet from side to side.
7. The Prep
The Prep is a dance move in which the dancer takes a step to one side and points their fingers with palms flat upwards to the side. It is coming back now with some new variation, for our biggest pleasure !
8. The Worm
Popular with break-dancers, this dance consists of lying down and imitating the movements of an earthworm. Be careful to not break your neck !
9. The Cabbage Patch
From the Cabbage Patch toys (huge thing in the 80’s). This the dance that comes to your mind when your crush sends you a text or when you get an A on a test you didn’t study.
For this dance move your whole upper body with your arms outstretched then continuing this movement whilst spinning in a circle.
10. Kriss Kross Jump Dance
You just need to jump up and down and move your arm in a chopping motion, simple as that !

Plaga Wine, Plaga Celebrate