If you need accompany, Plaga Wine x Hi Jack Sandals

The mindset of drinking wine casually on the table during dinner is too formal and too complicated for some people, it is inspired us to create a vibe and a mood with no food pairing, no couple, and no occasion. A walk on the beach waiting for sunset. Just you and your relaxing mind to celebrate yourself.

About Hi Jack sandals,

Hi Jack Sandals officially opens up a new home in Bali, Located in Jalan Pantai Berawa no 888. It is nine years of waiting for this to finally happen.
This year we are back here on this island of gods to give our deducation to the society of Bali by opening a new home here. It’s good to be back home

More details:

Hi Jack Sandals Indonesia
WhatsApp: +6281221427771
LINE@: @hijacksandals (use@)
Store Jalan Pantai Berawa No. 888 Bali, 803

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