Italian Date at Home Tips : Food Pairing

In these troubled times, we are trying our best to keep ourselves busy and creatives.

Thankfully, we have come up we THE italian food & wine pairing to keep your mind busy and your stomach full.

With a starter, a main plate, a great dessert and some wine, get the italian vibe at home !

For starters, get yourself an amazing Burrata (you can buy some at Gioia Cheese Bali), with some olive oil and basil. You can pair it with our Plaga Chardonnay to enjoy the creamy cheese.

What an italian meal would be without some spaghetti alla bolognese ? Pair it with Plaga Cabernet Sauvignon to maximize all the flavors.
You can make this italian classic at home with this recipe :

And last but not least : the dessert. Italy is known for its various and delicious desserts. The most popular of them ? Probably the Tiramis├╣. If you feel like a chef, try to make it yourself with recipes found online or order it in Italian restaurants or groceries around Bali.
You can pair it with our Cabernet Merlot.

There you go ! Your Italian meal is ready and another day has passed.

Buon Appetito !

Plaga Wine, Plaga Celebrate