Love at First Sip Beervana x Plaga Wine at the Kapla Tree Bandung

For Valentine's day, we were lucky to be spending it at the Kapla Tree Bandung in a sweet and romantic atmosphere.

The customers were able to taste some of our wine and the products of Craft Beer Beervana.
But no competitions was raging between us in this lovely evening ! Only love, happiness great food and drinks were allowed at Kapla.
Beervana beers were really popular that evening thanks to their incredible taste and good pairing with the food. All agreed to say that it really helped to go down well.

The comfy and natural setting as well as the music band made the night even better.
Of course, the food is incredible and really tasty with mixes of Asian and Western dishes.

Wee loved their iconic pool outside making the restaurant even more incredible and the night even more magical.

Plaga Wine available at Kapla Tree Badung

Plaga Wine, Plaga Celebrate