“Since when you working at our currenty company and since when you have interest in photography?”

I started my career in my current company, since last year on January, but I did volunteer for the company since the past 3 years, while I first started to hold my camera properly in 2015.
When I was in college, I saw an ads for photography competition from huge water company In Jakarta.

“ Do you think your activity is related one to another ?“

Yes. Because as a PR ( Public Relation ), basically I need to in touch with all my partners, managing, regarding works or sometimes just for a building relationship and trust in partnership. That’s why having some hobby or activity as a topic in conversation could be really helpful sometimes. That’s goes for me as photographer as well because I need to coordinate, communicate, and manage things to reach my client expectation. In this case I could say communicate is my key to makes both of my occupation relate.

“As you mention “relationship” before, its related with community, Which do you think you have more community or more connection between your two occupation?”

For community, I can say my main job has makes me related/ connect with a lot more new people and community than my side job.
Because the company I am working right now is one of the largest and oldest festival company in Bali, and has been known from forever I guess. They have been expanding partnership with overseas company. Meanwhile I just starting my own community in photography.

“Which profession or the activity makes you happier, which one would you choose and why? ”

Sometimes I think this is very unique, Because I will put both in different and same world at the same time.
Communication is everywhere, but in photography, especially where I put my focus on which is food and product photography , the communication happens with unliving things.
It is a different way and level of communication, because an apple couldn’t speak. But If you not put your soul into it, it will not turn into good picture. Because of this, honest speaking I love photography more because it just another level of challenge for me.

“What the achievement have you achieved from both of your occupation? “

Skill. HAHA !
I think skill is something that sometimes you need to pay if you want to learn and achieved it, but in both of the activity that I am doing right now, I get paid instead to learn the new skill.
I always love when it comes to challenge anyway. So, whenever I am mastering new concept, new editing style, connect with new client, meet new partner is an achievement for me.

“ Okay, then tell us more about your style in photography ? ”

My specification for photography is I love to make it sharp,
Flat-layout ! is my favourite, I love to create mess on table, then arrange in shape, colours, font, make it mixed but organized at same time.
I could do it now here , In less than 5 minutes!

“ So which do you think harder to direct ? unliving photoshoot ? or model photoshoot ?

Well, you know the answer ! . I’m not saying that I don’t like to direct model, but if the question is about the difficulty to direct, I could say directing unliving photoshoot is a lot easier because they don’t have mood and expression.
Again, I love challenge. Recently I’ve been starting my model photoshoot, collaborate with some friends for clothes, sandals brand. It’s a lot of fun, I guess there where I also feels like my PR skill is used.

“ In your opinion, as a person who doing two different profession at the same time, what do you think for a people like you “

Well, I think every people should be able to do multitask, especially in this era.
Where competition arise, technology has been developing, trends frequently change so to keep it up, you have to very open minded.
Communicate, following the trends, seeking thru new challenge, stepping out from comfort zone, keep learning, and somehow it will also bring benefits back to you.
When you start making money from both side!

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