Plaga Wine O’clock with Yoshida “Ochie” Chandra

Ochie is Cinta Bahasa’s School Director and Co-Founder, Ochie has a degree in English Literature and has held a variety of positions at agencies and universities.

Could you tell us more about “Cinta Bahasa?”
"Cinta Bahasa is a language school which is focus on Indonesia language and Bahasa Bali, the student mostly non-Indonesian or Expat, Foreigner who wants to learn Indonesia Languange or Bahasa Bali, Sometimes we also have Indonesian who wants to learn more about Indonesian Language or Bahasa Bali. Right now, We have 2 school. One in Sanur and one, the main school in Ubud."

What and Who Inspire you to open the Language Center?
"Well the idea to established language school in Bali, came from my personal experience when I came first to Bali and decided to move here, I felt like I met a lot of foreigners here to settle, or work, having family here not all of them could speak Indonesian language even they have been living here for years, When I ask them why, mainly the reason is that it was a big hard for them to have to go outside to Bali to actually learn about Indonesia language. And there where it all started, just to help bridging the different nationality, so there will be no more gap in between by understanding and learning the culture."

What is the most challenge in running Language Centre so far ?
"The most challenging part is that to break the comfort zone of people who have been living in Bali for so long, that comfort zone where Bali provides so many services in English language, which makes people kind of spoiled to learning our own language. To break the perspective “ It’s okay to not learning the local language, because everyone here speaking English“ is the hardest part. And also, the perspective is not true actually. Because how far can you get just by only speaking English here, because once you able to speak Indonesian you can a way deeper in learning the culture here and also make more local friends, it will just change your life."

Personally, how many language do you speak ?
"I came from West Sumatra, so Obviously I speak Minang Language. I speak Indonesian and English, which I majored in, and I am currently learning Japanese, I can write and read hiragana."

How long have you run this language centre ?
"I have run Cinta Bahasa for more than 8 years actually. We Just had our 8th Anniversary last February. So all our Anniversary is in the month of love, February, Spesifically on Valentine’s day, February 14th. I think that’s also where the name came from because “Cinta” means Love and Bahasa which is Language."

Okay Let’s talk about love. Since you said that Cinta Bahasa is all about love, and you even have the celebration of Cinta Bahasa on February 14th. How do you Celebrate your Anniversary with lover?
"My husband and I celebrate our anniversary quite funny, because we actually met during work at one of the biggest event in Ubud and our wedding is actually the last day the event. So for several years our Anniversary it always come with works, We couldn’t really have a proper anniversary celebration, because on the last day of event is always very busy where everyone is there and I need to be there. So my kinda wedding celebration is always not on the day of the wedding Anniversary I could say. It’s always like 2 week later or sometimes more, but for us its also a proof that when you are in love, every day is like celebration, as long as you support each other, And for me that’s all the matters to always have each other back."

Do you have any Unforgettable Anniversary Moment ?
"Well my unforgettable anniversary is I could say on my birthday, few years back I think I was not here in Bali. But then my staff recorded video of them together singing “ Happy Birthday “ with guitar and they make it really funny and entertaining, they posted it and tag me on social media. For me that was just the best gift ever because even when I wasn’t there they put a lot of thoughts and effort to celebrate with me and that was just a really moving moment for me. "

Last but not least, What’s is your plan to celebrate the next the 9th Cinta Bahasa ?
"Usually we always celebrate by stay outside from Sanur or Ubud, with the staff and all the teachers. We stayed for 2 night with all the games, singing, food, and I think for the next one we will do the same thing but maybe this time to outside Bali, just to have quality time and kind of reward from me for all the teachers and staff. "

It was nice to have Ochie at Plaga wine O’clock.
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