“Since when you open your clothing store and playing skate board?”

I opened FLVX & friends on May this year, but I played skate board since I was in Junior high school, so it’s been 14 years.

“ Since when you have interest in Fashion “

Basically, Skater are fashionable, they have their own culture and style. When I am diving into that culture, I meet new people. That is when I inspire to create my own line, that is comfortably to wear while I am skating and not skating. so, I started interested in fashion ever since I start skating.

“Do you think this activity related one to another ?”

Definitely yes. Because I can say my biggest inspiration for fashion is from skateboarding, that’s why my design, fabric, materials and products, mostly everything should be suits with skate fashion in the market.

“Which profession makes you happier, which one would you choose and why? ”

I think both makes me happy and both makes me frustrated sometimes, anyway that how relationship should be right? If I do well in design and I see many people wearing my product I feel satisfy, but when my design did not turn as I wanted to be, I frustrated, and when I am frustrated I just run into skateboarding.
Same goes when I learn new tricks on skateboarding. I am very proud when I can easily learn the tricks, but sometimes I learn over and over the tricks and I still can’t mastering it, it makes me desperate.
That’s why both of this profession kind of have bitter-sweet relationship for me.

“What are the achievement have you earned for both profession ? “

For FLVX my biggest achievement was opening my own store here in Canggu , which is my second store. The first one I opened in Kayu Aya on 2014, but it’s not our official store where there also a lot brand available there.
In skate boarding, I am not really a contest player, but back in the day I used to joined contest and I used to get first place 10 years ago. But again, in skating, everything is an achievement, when you learnt new tricks, you achieved something.

“ Tell us about your brand and what’s skate means to you ?”

FLXV means continues change and always innovating. That’s what I am aiming and hoping for the brand, and also FLXV is based in Bali, I am focus to create clothes that comfortable to wear day to night, all day – everyday, from chilling at the beach to chilling at the bar, anytime and every time , as I mention before FLXV is inspire by skate, and music culture in Bali. Meanwhile, Skate also means a lot to me. I started skating because I surrounded by skater community, all my friends are skater, for me skate is such a positive way to spend your time. You can always do it with your friends or alone, no pressure. There is no rules such as “if you are not good at it, then you sucks” It’s more like to enjoy, that makes skating is my really first place for running to whenever I feel stress and under pressure, a good time to spend when I want to take a breath from life.

“ In your opinion, as a person who doing two different profession at the same time, what do you think for a people like you “

I think, when you think it as a job it will be difficult, because that’s means more pressure. But, If you think it as a hobby or things you love to do then you will always just want to go back and do it. So, I think as long as you will think it at “hobby” then they are in right track.

“ What’s your future plan for both Skating and FLVX ? “

Well for skating, I don’t really have one. Maybe just keep learning more tricks, enjoy when I’m skating with my friends, meeting more skater around the world, more connection. For my brand, I would love to create more line brand. Now, I have bags, shirts, accessories, and I am partnering with my brother who is also skater, we create “voila.skateboard” it’s our own design skate board. And yeah that’s what I am hoping in future.

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