Do you agree with statement of “music makes everything better? and What do you think about matching music to a wine? Is it even real ?

Music is one of the most important things in our lives. Who doesn’t love a good tune in the morning to help kick start the day or in the evening when we want to wine-d down.

We listen to music in so many different contexts depending on who we are with, the occasion we are celebrating or simply for pure enjoyment, and sometimes it is related with our emotion, same goes to wine.
Who knows not only food that we can always relate to wine but music too. Just imagine if you are laying on the beach listening to punk – metal or heavy rock and sipping red wine ? UGH. Nope.

We’ll take a look at our favourite main grape varieties and give you a recommendation on an album that will make your vino taste a whole lot better. Let’s dive in !

1. Cabernet Sauvignon
Red Wine Lovers are non-first time drinker, can be seen from their play list as 80s-90s legend singer such as Frank Sinatra, Guns N’Roses. A perfect slow beat and jazzy vibes for a casual and fine dining occasion or even something to rise the mood in heavy metal , or rock genre.

2. Cabernet Merlot
Meanwhile, Cabernet Merlot that is more into fruity and strong body will fits perfectly with disco vibes or even pop. Legend or Top 40 as long as it has a beat, welcome to the Cha- Cha dance move team !

3. Sauvignon Blanc
For white wine team, we are beach lovers, and sunset chaser. Listening to R&B soul, Vocal & Easy listening music while waiting for the cotton-candy sky in a slow beat and salty air.

4. Chardonnay
Chardonnay is highly versatile and suitable for lunch, dinner and any time between. Light and easy to drink wine best suits with easy to listen music, some familiar top 40 all the time party starter DJ : Calvin Harris bringing the beat for dance moves, or a romantic friendship Folk – genre to sing together.

5. Rose & Sweet Rose
A romantic wine needs romantic beat for accompany , Enjoy with your girls or date over a dessert make a move with most pick-up line in song “Kiss-Me”. Pop song is best to listen with rose wine because it’s time for the girls to raise their glass and start karaoke !

6. Frizzante
Frizzante is the latest baby in our portfolio, dedicate to young Indonesian and new drinker who wants “Attention”, stepping up to dance floor with hip-hop or rapping the most rising Indonesian Rapper “Rich – Brian”

Which wine is your playlist ?
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