Before you read the article

Try to guess the song title & genre then pair with the wine variants by numbering the wine

from left to right
1st Wine : Rose
2nd Wine : our White ( Sauvignon Blanc )
3rd Wine : our Red ( Cabernet Merlot )

We invite Aan to pair 3 different song with 3 Different Wine,
Aan got 0 points because the answer was incorrect !

Here is the right pairing :

Rose x Love of my life - Just like the wine, the colour is soft, smooth and gently boosting up romantic vibes.

White wine ( Sauvignon Blanc ) - Perfect to pair White wine is R&B soul, Vocal & Easy listening music in a slow beat and salty air with some friends, chasing sunset, chilling at beach

Last but not least, our Red ( Cabernet Merlot ) Cabernet Merlot that is more into fruity and strong body will fits perfectly with disco vibes or even pop. Legend or Top 40 as long as it has a beat, welcome to the Cha- Cha dance move team !

How many score you get ?

Plaga Wine, Plaga Celebrate