Plaga Wine New Challenge 2020

New Year New Challenge 2020

The first Plaga Wine variant you see is the new challenge worth to try in 2020!


Cabernet Sauvignon usually enjoyed by those who’s not new drinker, you are brave, passionate, and strong just like the wine. Because you always energetic why not try something more challenging?
Some of new activity worth to try in this 2020:

• Blood Donation
• Pottery
• Buy some candle and burn 20 minutes before you sleep / taking nap
• Try Acupuncture


Cabernet Merlot has been always chosen by those romantic or foodies, date night and food pairing are too common for Cabernet Merlot lover, here is challenge worth to try:

• Watching Movie at Cinema Alone
• Join Yoga / Zumba Class
• Being Vegetarian for a week
• Learn how to play Saxophone / Piano / Biola


Sauvignon Blanc Team is sea lover, love ocean, sunbathing, chasing sunset and eat seafood, dare to try another?

• Drink Green Juice every morning for a month (you can start with broccoli / cucumber / Celery)
• Bake gluten free Cookie / Cake
• Learn DJ / Video Editor / Photography
• Fruit Harvesting


Chardonnay reflects calmness or comfort wine, the hardest one to try new things but wine not?

• Get some tattoo
• Learn Salsa / Tango
• Go for Ice Skating / ATV
• Cook some meal with wine as ingredients


For the love of Rosè its time for telling your crush you love them!

• Tell your crush / someone you love, you love them! and if it’s worth the risk why doesn’t kiss?
• Attend Rave / Electro Dance Party
• If you are single, time to download tinder and start swiping for a date!
• Paint something


Sweet heart, raise your glass and buy the outfit that has been in your Wishlist for months

• Travel alone / backpacking style
• Horse Riding
• Join Gym
• Host Christmas, thanksgiving, Chinese dinner / party this year at your place


Forget those baby steps and let’s run!

• Join Wine Class
• Buy & Plant some flower
• Learn surfing or start with swimming
• Go to Waterfall
• Camping and watch sunrise from mountain

Are you ready to achieve at least one of goals above in 2020?


Plaga Wine, Plaga Celebrate