Plaga Wine O’clock with Professional Mixologist Aldho Goenawan ( El Nacional )

Plaga Wine O’clock with Professional Mixologist , Aldho Goenawan ( El Nacional )

Tell us more about yourself ?
“My name is Alfadho, I am Bartender from Jakarta.”

Could you tell us more about the job that you are working right now?
“I am a bartender for about 7-8 years, Currently I am working for a group called el Nacional .”

Since when you have interest in Alcoholic Beverages?
“It’s about 10 years ago, when I was in College. I was attended one party, we were having fun, and it was drunk night.”

What & Who inspire you for this profession ?
“There is a few mentors that I really admire, one of them is my owner of the current group that I am working on, Shah Dillon. “

How long you study or learning about your current job ?
“It’s about 7-8 years’ experience as I mention before, Most of it because of my mentor, books, Internet, and yeah just hangout - bar hopping. “

What do you think the most challenge for this profession?
“The most Challenge , I could say For Indonesia is the limit of spirit availability and yes the demand itself, because the market we have right now is dominant in foreigners.”

How many achievements had you earn since you start this profession ? and how do you celebrate?
“The biggest one is on 2017, as a representative of Indonesia to Mexico. I celebrated with my mentor, friends and family. You know, my main support.”

Do you have any special drink ? or ‘Your Own Drink’ and what’s the inspiration behind?
“There is few drinks that I created by my own, my most favourite and everyone favourite so far is my bullet proof , Its infuse by coffee, dark rum infused by butter, it is inspire by Italian way of drinking coffee that mixing espresso and butter. As simple and as good as that.”

Could you tell us more about place you working right now?

Press Release

“The Largest Rum Collection in Indonesia”,
40 Thieves, now has a sexy Cuban sister 30 seconds down the road, meet El Nacional
Following up the success of the 40 Thieves Club, the 1920’s New York-inspired speakeasy, Singaporean-Malay entrepreneur Shah Dillon has launched El Nacional a new speakeasy 30 seconds away from 40 Thieves inspired by the Hotel Nacional in Havana Cuba, dedicated to cigars, cocktails and housing the largest collection of fine Rums in Indonesia.
Much like 40 Thieves which sits secluded above Mad Ronin Ramen diner, El Nacional follows the same model, where guests must find the hidden entrance in the back of Mad Sparrow, a restaurant where yakitori and sushi rolls is the specialty. As guests follow the staircase to the second level, Shah wanted the guest to feel as though they are taken on a journey on the streets of Havana and transported to the Hotel Nacional, a historic hotel which opened in Havana in the 1930, where the upper echelon of society and American mob bosses mingle and merry at a time when Cuba was a prime travel destination for Americans.
Concept, design and executed by Shah, the hidden stairway entrance is a scene right off the streets in Havana, with an outdoor balcony seating with beautiful landscape view of the rice paddy. The indoor bar is designed elegantly with a touch of tropical, mischief, decadent and typically daring. Furnished with mahogany wood, marble and leather finish. The mood ambience is dark and intimate, the perfect setting to mingle & showcase the largest collection of Rum in Indonesia.
“With 40 Thieves paying homage to an American style Bar that houses the most number of Gins, Bourbon & Whisky in Bali, I decided to do an opposite spin. My inspiration comes from the product itself, the Rum,” said Shah Dillon. “I didn’t want any Bamboo nor the standard Tiki-style bar setup. I wanted a more intimate and elegant setting where the guest feels the sophistication & romance that goes into the Rum concept. It’s definitely a challenge to build the market up but with the right team, cocktail and cigar programs we are certain we can create a not just a trend but an institution.”
El Nacional houses 180 different bottles of rum from all around the world and is looking to grow that number to around 350 bottles of rum, at least, according to Shah. Up until now, there are no bars in Indonesia that focus on showcasing Rum from all around the world so Shah is filling a gap in the market for Rum & Cigar connoisseurs.
The cocktail program is based on the house blend Rum where the team blends a couple of white & dark Rums, adds a pinch of Molasses and Sous Vide the blend for 24 hours, which showcases the craft & technique on the rum blend and cocktail menu. Among the patron favourite cocktails is the Havana Joe, a
variation of the classic espresso martini, instead of the standard Kahlua it’s made with the Rum based house coffee liqueur, white rum, cold brew and finish off with a biscuit garnish.
Those in the know on Bali’s social scene, know it’s “worst-kept secret” that is 40 Thieves. Shah launched it in January 2017, and quickly grew into a cult-like following of expats, locals and tourists alike, who have come to love it’s craft cocktails, artisanal spirits, and flamboyant hospitality. Wallet friendly drink specials and a rotating repertoire of DJ’s keep the crowds coming, and the popularity lead it to be voted “Bali’s Best Bar” in the local awards.
“I love this street, Jalan Petitenget, so I decided to open really close to 40 Thieves to provide our consumers a different style of bar concept and product where they can rove between the two. There’s too much clubs in Bali but there’s no bar that focuses on showcasing the product and are that different in concept. Hence I decided to risk my life savings and go for it, it’s perfect for our patrons and tourists as they can just avoid the traffic, drink driving and walk between the two venues in 30 seconds.”
A brief summary by the man himself Shah Dillon, what makes the two sister venues so different? “ you bring your wife to El Nacional and you bring your tinder date to 40 Thieves, that’s how different the two venues are in a brief sentence.”
About Shah Dillon:
Shah Dillon is a Singaporean-Malay native, who started bartending when he was just 16 years old, with so much love & passion for the craft, he quit school and decided to pursue the drink-slinging profession wholeheartedly. With experience of over ten years in the trade and working in some of the most highly-regarded establishments in Singapore, Shanghai and Sydney, he decided it was time to empty his life savings and make his dream a reality, a concept bar owned and operated 100% by a bartender and so the 40 Thieves & Mad Ronin was born and shortly after founded the Midnight Brigade group of Boutique & Bespoke Concepts.