Plaga Wine O’clock with Young and Talented Chef Rui Yamagishi

Plaga Wine O’clock with Young and Talented Chef Rui Yamagishi Co-Founder Musubi , Bali

Tell us more about yourself ?
" My name is I Gede Rui Yamagishi, I am half Japanese and half Balinese and as you know I am a Chef "

Since when you first interest in cooking and who is your inspiration?
" My first interest in cooking since I was little, and my inspiration would be my mother. When I was a kid my mother used to cook me a lot, she always made bento before I went to school and she thought me a lot about Japanese traditional food, so I think that is what inspire me the most and that is the route of my restaurant. My second inspiration is my previous work place back in Australia, I used to work with the chef at Rockpool Australia, He thought me modern cuisine and I was studying about French cooking, thats why most of the creation in Musubi is combination between Japanese and Western cuisine that makes Musubi serve Modern Japanese Cuisine. "

What Step do you take to set out this position?
"My culinary journey started 8 years ago, I went study to Le Cordon Bleu Australia for 2 years, since then I worked in Australia for full time worker for 5 years, which also become the most memorable and achievement for me to be able to worked at Rockpool Australia. Rockpool is fine dining restaurant in Sydney. Its a very high end modern cuisine restaurant, Meanwhile my friend back in Bali also calling me and invite me to collaboration to open restaurant together."

Why do you choose Japanese concept restaurant ?
"The Kaminari group itself is a Japanese restaurant group. and my self is half Japanese, Japanese concept is something that I am familiar with. and as I explained before, my mother thought me how to cooked some traditional Japanese food since I was little.Personally I also consider Japanese food is very well known and well accepted around the world, no matter where there always be at least one famous Japanese restaurant in the country. Kaminari group is also well established by Japan - Balinese people, we are here together creating innovation between traditional and innovation Japanese cuisine"

How long have you running Musibu Restaurant?
"I have been running this business for 1,5 year almost two years now. Last January was our last one year anniversary"

How do you celebrate the first anniversary?
"I celebrate with my close friends, family and staff here at Musubi, we still open for public as well, we invite DJ, have some drinks and I cooked special canapés on that day. That was it, we were all drunk but so much fun and really unforgettable

What is the most challenge you had so far while you running the Restaurant?
"Everyday is a challenge in the restaurant, I really care about how they feel after eating at our restaurant, I really want them to feel satisfied with the food and services. And a very important aspect that I learn from life is when you have problem or having bad day, maybe food might not solve it but at least it can make you feel better. Thats why to start day with good food is very important as you can start your day better. And thats what comes with the question of the most challenging part of having a restaurant."

Do you have any signature dish here? and whats the inspiration behind?
"Yes we have. its called "Smoked Salmon Nori-Taco" the inspiration is that we combine Japanese food concept into Taco which is Japanese food , that we are not use the usual taco shell but we use Nori , inside we have smoke salmon and rice which is also very Japanese. The inspiration is Japanese food is all about "Umami", Umami comes from a lot of things, like from the dish the umami comes from the seaweed. Thats why I use a lot of Japanese ingredients to make innovation in cooking."

Whats your future plan for you and your Restaurant?
" My future plan for both is almost the same which is to have more restaurant maybe outside bali even outside the country, maybe Japan or Australia. If I have the opportunity"

It was nice to have Chef Rui at Plaga wine O’clock.
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