Plaga Wine O-Clock with Jafni Co-Founder Tana home and living goods ( Indonesia )

Plaga Wine O’clock with Jafni Zul Fahmi, Co-Founder Tana home and living goods.

Tell us more about yourself ?
“My name is Jafni, I am Architect Design from Indonesia”

Could you tell us more about Tana?

"Basically Tana is a home and living good brand that was originally inspired by Indonesia and made in Indonesia. Our products are all handmade and we also prioritize sustainability. Every year we adopts one of Indonesian culture to inspire the design, and for the production phase we collaborating with local artisans to make the high quality product. Tana’s journey began in 2018, where my partner and me started expressing our love for Indonesia through our designs, then we decided to start exploring the archipelago to find stories from Indonesian culture and deliver it into our product’s design"

What and who the inspiration behind Tana?

"Of course Indonesian culture and it’s people. Indonesia has very rich culture and very diverse, so every culture has their own characteristic, their own story. With those stories we extract it into ideas and we develop it into designs. In addition working with local artisans inspires us more especially in how they process the products."

What is the challenge in this field of business?

"Hmm, the challenge.. I think it’s because our products are very diverse, because every season we adopt different culture, so we have to do the deep-research differently in every year, making different products every year, collaborating with different artisans every year. But we’re not consider this as a challenge but we more consider this as a potential for our business, there will be endless of innovation every year and different variety of products every year, to show people how diverse Indonesia is. "

How do you position your brand in market? And what are your expectations?

"We’re working in the creative industry, specifically in making Indonesian-inspired home and living goods, and now we’re deep down into a very rare market where our products are very diverse, ‘local’, and unique. Where now days people tend to use products that are not visually ‘local’. Our main expectation is we want Indonesian people to be more sensitive to our culture and our identity, and proud with it. "

What is your comment of ‘proud to be local brand’ and ‘export quality’

"For us, without we state our brand is local people will know it by themselves, and yes being proud as a local brand is a must. Considering now-days local brands are highly competitive with international brands, and people start to trust in local brand’s product and use it in daily basis. About the ‘export quality’, export quality is always related to high-quality products, the quality that exceeds for export products, but I think every brand must produce export quality products whether they export or not. "

What is your future plan for Tana?

" Our main plan for Tana is continuing our exploration across Indonesia, find stories and inspirations for us to design, produce hand- made and sustainable products, and present Indonesia’s diversity to Indonesia. And not many people know that besides being a home and living goods brand, Tana also has architecture, interior, and product
design consultant, due to our background as an architect. So people could use our service to design their interior for example and we’ll design it and we’ll include Tana’s customize products in the design. But in long term we want to make Tana as a part of everyday life as a part of lifestyle, where our products are representing Indonesia and we hope Indonesian will proud using products that show their true national identity. "

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