Plaga Wine O-Clock with Louise, Founder of Kinship Studio, Canggu

Plaga Wine O’clock with Louise, Founder of Kinship Studio Canggu.

Tell us more about yourself?
“Hi Dear, My name is Louise. I am Australian, I am owning a co-working space at Canggu.”

Could you tell us more about your business?
“I owned a co-working space called “Kinship” studio, basically it’s a co-working space where people can come, work together, or individually, where you could rent the studio daily, weekly or monthly. We also have photography studio and we host a lot exhibition and work shop here.”

What & Who inspire you in this business?
“I was inspire to open a creative space or co-working space as I was working in Bali for myself, and I really don’t have anywhere I like to work, so I wanted to create a place where people could come and be creative, I was also always enjoying workshop, classes, so ya I really wanted to make a place that have almost everything I like where there is not one at that time.”

What is the challenge in this business?
“Most challenging in this field of business is making sure that we have doing enough events to facilitate the community, and also gathering and fits a diversity of taste and nationality where there is no limit of that in arts and creative space.
That’s kind of main challenging for us to always find someone new artist, new talents, to host different workshop.”

How do you celebrate your opening of Kinship ?
“Our opening was kind of memorable, it was huge party opening where I invited communities, a lots artist, creative people, free food, drinks, also there was exhibition of an artist, talkshow, I remembered Plaga was also part of the event.”

How’s the progress of build the Kinship itself?
“So, the building took around 1 year to build, when I found this building it was already exist like this, so I wasn’t need to building the space from zero, before it was factory. So in total of 8 months renovating, designing interior and finding perfect team.“

What’s your plan for future for Kinship community ?
“Of course I would love to see Kinship outside of Bali!, but for now I always wanted to grow the community, find new people, meet new artist and collaborate with new talents. Host many exhibition and workshop.”

It was nice to have Louise at Plaga wine O’clock
Plaga wine, Plaga Celebrate

Kinship Studio
+ 62 877 8537 8176
Gg. Jalak VI B, Berawa, Canggu BALI