Plaga Wine Paint and Sip with Bartega Studio

Most people wanted to spend their weekend with productivity & leisure at the same time. On one fine afternoon on Australia Day we figure out the answer. “Paint & Sip “, many of you may have known this. It’s a common activity for some painter and most of art people, some of them believe the statement of “Alcohol give you inspiration “, “Alcohol is the answer “, well it surely does. The Facts: if you consume alcohol at right amount it can be use as ice-breaker during your fist date and calm your nerve to entering the dance floor without know how to dance.

Meanwhile, in Bartega studio you can unlock your creativity on the canvas while sipping on bottomless wine. From an experienced painter to a newbie who has never touched a brush at all, everyone is welcome to join their therapeutic, stress-relieving session, where you will be guided step by step to recreate their painting that follows different themes like Harry Potter, La La Land, Yayoi Kusama, and many more.

On Saturday, 25th January 2020, inspire by million dollar worth painting “ Starry Night “ masterpiece by Van Gogh, many kids and neighbourhood in Canggu area participate in the event.

Jazz Pratama as Marketing Director from Bartega Studio mention ”the purpose of this event is to develop creativity, people are welcome to re-create the painting with their own imagination and there is wrong and right in art it is about freedom”. “We have regular schedule event in Jakarta and soon in Bali, we love to be part of “Art” in Bali.” partnering with our wine, we have plan this event to become our regular where people can meet “productivity over leisure”.

Keep in touch for the update of our next event & Bartega Event. Special thank you for the beautiful Venue in Canggu area, Born Bright !

Plaga Wine, Plaga Celebrate

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