Right drink at the right time: Plaga Wine x BREW ME TEA

Right drink at the right time: Plaga Wine x BREW ME TEA

Coronavirus is emerging in more countries around the world and there's currently no known cure. Unfortunately that hasn't stopped a slew of health advice, ranging from useless but relatively harmless, to downright dangerous.

Myth: drink Alcohol kill coronavirus.

If yes, any spirit and wine company would have been sold out by now.

We are all aware that until today, There is no right cure for the virus.
The only best advice given officially are washing hands frequently, maintaining social distancing, avoiding touching the eyes, nose, and mouth, and practicing respiratory hygiene.

In the terms of Beverages, We know that Drinking water and staying hydrated is generally good medical advice.

On the other hand, the story of drinking wine gives us health benefits still applies to people who are not infected with the virus.
If you are in good health, daily Consumption of 1- 2 glasses may boost heart health, protect against some kinds of cancer and prevent some types of vision loss.
At this stage wine appears to be more healthful than some kinds of alcoholic beverages, but NOT A SHORTCUT CURE for COVID-19.

You have to understand, that drinking at wrong timing and dose might have the opposite effect than what you are expected.

Partnering with BREW ME TEA

Below are recommended drink what you should drink when you feel unwell.
Again : *this is not a cure for CORONA VIRUS

Just like wine, tea have many health benefits it’s even better because it has no contain of alcohol that can be consume by anyone. We all could agree that Drinking tea, can help us to prevent infected by the virus.
Remember : One of benefits of drinking tea is to boost immune, and at this moment we need to stay healthy and fit.

Here is some recommendation selection from our tea partner : Brew Me Tea

Immunitea –
Immune Boosting Tea that will boost your immune with local natural ingredients that help prevent sickness and aid in relieving symptoms. Blended with warm Indonesian lemongrass and ginger, this herbal combination has several health benefits such as :
-Year-round immune support
-Bolsters immunity during times of stress and poor sleep
-Supports your body’s production of “natural killer cells” that fight harmful organisms

You can find Other health selection from brew me under >> Wellness Blends
And shop online at their page !

PS : Good news for alcoholic , they also have Hangover Cure !

Stay Safe and Sips Plaga Wine

Plaga Wine, Plaga Celebrate


Brew me is the first local premium tea brand in Bali, we start our business from "CROP TO THE CUPS", we have our tea plantation and tea manufacturing located in Bali by it is mean we totally responsible for whole process including quality maintenance.

Cradled in the lap of Angseri Tabanan-Bali valley at an elevation 1,085m above sea level the Brew Me organic tea estate offers picturesque setting and as we know this island of god have a mountains and make it the soil itself turn into volcanic soil which is make the tea taste unique and different compare others tea, there’s after taste of sweetness and uniqueness. Brew Me offers a wide variety of benefit for us, as well as for the environment, through the use of earth-friendly agricultural practices

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(0361) 285960