Rosè Pink Pool Party

Glitter all over the room
Pink Flamingos in the pool

*whole watermelon
*Plaga Wine Rosè
*Lemon Juice

Ice Base

1. Scoop the watermelon until only the skin is left
2. Mix the watermelon with Plaga Rose
3. Blend together
4. Pour in to the mold
5. Refrigerated until it frozen

6. Slice an apple
7. Add 2 honey spoon
8. Mix with Lemon Juice
9. Add Liquid sugar
10. Refrigirated 1-2 hours

11. Mix together all the watermelon slices and frozen fruits into the watermelon skin
12. Add Plaga Wine Rosè for final touch

Rosè Pink Pool Party ready to begin !

Plaga Wine, Plaga Celebrate