Sign that Plaga wine is your Friend

1. Always-on text support
If you have trouble figuring out how to respond to a potential romantic interest, it is plaga wine job to help devise the perfect response. Or maybe when you not-brave enough to text your crush or ex.
Yup. No one can blame drunk text.

2. Your roommate for lyfe.
Just one and a half glass before sleep, Plaga wine is better sleep accompany than anyone ever will.

3. The shoulder your need post Break-up / betrayal
Yup. When you need a break from human, Plaga wine always there for you. Good listener and help you release all your anger and sadness away. (proven)

4. Your Prom date
What’s worse than not having a prom date partner? Not be able to dance.
But trust us, with Plaga wine You can dance !

5. Always Available
Don’t worry. Plaga wine will never leave, betray, or too busy for you.
Our online shop accesable 24/7 and shipping around Indonesia.

What you waiting for ? lets celebrate our friendship !
Plaga wine, Plaga Celebrate