Stay at Home Tips : Choose The Right Playlist

We listen to music in so many different contexts depending on who we are with, the occasion we are celebrating or simply for pure enjoyment, and sometimes it is related with our emotion.

During this pandemic we listen to music even more often than before and in many more activities. We are officially have much more free time at home , we can take longer shower and put up “sing the lyrics” show in the bath up. And what happen with our eating routine ? We start eating lunch at 4PM and dinner at 11PM. And guess what’s worse ? we might eating the same cereal for both lunch and dinner.

Some good tips to make you feel “full” even with the same meal every day Is by creating a good eating place ambience.
Sometimes if you realize, when we are able freely choose place to eat we also keep visiting same place for lunch and sometimes ordering same food.
So what makes it different to eat same food every day at your house?
The first answer will be , the ambience & food.
The second answer will be , Plaga Wine.

To create a good ambience , you can simply add table cloth and fresh flower to your dining table, Don’t worry we have daily update for place to eat at our Instagram who still open for daily delivery and takeaway.
Next is to choose the right play list.

Since Music can boost your emotions, we have prepare you some playlist to make you feels like eating at your favourite Tacos place, Korean BBQ place or even Italian food place.

You can discover at :


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