The First Jimbaran Beach Festival

The first Jimbaran Beach Festival was huge success and remarkable event of the year. Where Jimbaran knows as one of the best seafood destination in Bali and perfect place to enjoy the sunset and sipping some wine with combination of music performances its complete .

The ideas of this event came from Jimbaran community where young people are dominant, and the community aiming to promote local artist, and sources surrounded the Jimbaran Beach.

Head committee of the Festival, I Made Sudarma Yasa, The focus of the first festival is delicate to bring awareness for the fisherman community both for local and international market.

“ By this event, people will know what’s Jimbaran famous for “ . The Festival was held on 4-6th October 2019, the theme and decoration is sea. Showing the spirit and creativity of community for the sea in the future.

Some kind of activity was also enlighten the festival, such as beach ball competition, fruits crafting, sand statue, and others culinary experience and competition. The main hi-light are still the fisherman show. In a hope that the tourist are educated and entertain by how the fisherman sailing from their preparation, introduction of the tools they used.

We expect this kind of festival which supporting local community will be yearly held festival.
Plaga wine proud to be part of the first Jimbaran Beach Festival.

Plaga wine, Plaga Celebrate.