The Joy of not Choosing Wrong Trip

There are so many different types of trips it can sometimes be hard to decide what you want.
This is especially relevant to those people that have not travelled awful lot, as you may not realize some of the awesome types of vacations that are possible.

For people who works 7/24 and always bring your laptop everywhere, you may need to continue reading this article because you do not want to waste the most precious day off with 3 hours stuck in the traffic.

And also, for those who has been saving lots for 2020, this quiz & tips will not ruin your future plan!

1. Are you?
a. Morning person
b. Nocturnal

2. For a family gathering dinner you will bring
a. Red Wine
b. White Wine

3. Will you get checked baggage if you traveling for 2 days?
a. Yes, for the shake of my skin care
b. No

4. For your dinner date you will cook
a. Full set menu include dessert
b. 14045 sounds great

5. Will you buy new clothes only for the trip?
a. YES!
b. I will still use jeans that I wore 3 days straight

Now if you have all question answered let’s compare which trip will suits you the most!

If your answer mostly a:

You are ready for morning trip! let’s wake up at 6 in morning, get your picnic essential, drive to mountain, prepare the sandwich, cracker, cheeses and your favorite book and wine will be already packed since a day before. You should even consider to joining activity that possible to do nearby such as hiking, fishing.

If you answer mostly b:

Do not bothered to pack anything, because you will only waste time to cleaning the mess you create while making those sandwich for 3 hours. Dress casually, just bring your most favorite Plaga wine and go to favorite beach where the sun sets beautifully. By then you can always stop by for dinner in place that you always went. You will not disappointed because after all you did not spend and waste anything! Want to try new thing? no worries, stop by and get some canvas with watercolor or make some soap bubble will be memorable enough for your special holiday!

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Happy Holidays for everyone!
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