The perks of working from home

Things may have changing. The Global Pandemic of Covid-19 make some of us need to work from home due to many reasons and for sure to keep our self & others healthy.

This is a perfect time to grow your creativity because your followers are spending more time
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Here is some positive thought for Working from Home:

1. You able to spend more time with your love one, whether it’s your wife, or your parents who always nagging because they never see you at home. Now not only they can see you often at home, but you can spend more time for building back the gap in relationship by cooking together, eating, and movie time.

2. No alcohol rules, and no rules at all. In some working place there might be rules of no snack or alcohol consumption on working desk, or you are afraid to decorating your space because by tomorrow the pen you put on stationary boxes might gone, now you have your own personal space. Good tips: always organize depends on color or the usefulness of the stuff. You may find inspiration for organizing stuff on the video below !

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3. You can take a break as much as you can. Do some stretching before and after working, take a sneak or coffee break. Cuddle your pet for 10 minutes because you need to stay sane and keep your mood bright

4. Keep in touch in communication and news about what’s going on in market and public. So, you always keep update for when you need to buy groceries, or anything before its last minute.

5. Eatihealthy, when you realized when you able to eat outside you always consume food that you never know what it takes to cook the dishes. Even at your favorite restaurant. Now that you have more time and chance to cook, and to show your creation.

6. You can work with your most loved Yoga pants , Bra-free while doing 16 face masks and sipping wine . Your welcome

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