Thinking Inside the box: How to enjoy Plaga Cask

For those who not familiar with one of our best inventions, let’s get to know what is one in box or as we call it Cask Wine.

This new technology allows us to enjoy wine convenient, cost-effective and more environmentally friendly.

With a tap technology, we can “save up” for later on when we don’t want to spend black-out night.

However, this wine is someone you should get for good & bad times, like when you going for camping, this is a perfect buddy because obviously it is easier to carry than wine bottle and smaller risk to brake !
When you have birthday wine-pong party when you know it’s going to be a wild night, why bhother to brake some bottles when your wine cask is unbreakable and more money saving!

Bad time ? don’t worry. After you drink Plaga cask up, you can recycle our box into tissue box. As it said , for good or bad time.

Here is some tips & trick to enjoy our Plaga Cask :

1. For a travel buddy companion
Beach, Camping, where you can easily just put the cask on your bag without worry you may break it. Tips : you may also turns it into bag by put your old, unused bag strap and carry it like your baby !
2. For Cooking
The tap technology allow you to “save” for next time, so if you looking at cost efficiency, Cask Wine is the choice for cooking. Do not make a pour-decision
3. Sangria Party
Yup. Nights out is good but sangria party even better. This wine is made for sangria, so just mix with fruits, soda or tonic water and voila!
4. Recyclable
As previously mention, good & bad times!
When you finish for good times, the box can be your companion for bad times when you turns it into tissue box. Easy step ! take off the wine, put the tissue and reseal it

Plaga Wine, Plaga Celebrate