Tipsy label - make easier to confess your feeling

There are 2 things which makes it difficult to confess our feeling.
1. Fear of rejection
2. Fear of change in their behaviour/your relation with your crush.

1. Fear of rejection:-
Everyone wants to be a winner or wants to be perceived as winner. Thus rejection from your crush will definitely hit you mentally. Hence it is the biggest factor in stopping the person from confessing his/her feelings.

2. Fear of change in their behaviour/relation:-
Even if you are not afraid of rejection, this will be the next important factor on your mind which will make the final decision. You know for sure that your crush's behaviour toward you certainly will not be same after confession. Thus, your decision to confess will depend on how your crush will behave after this confession. If your crush's attitude/behaviour will change to worse than before, then obviously you wouldn't want to risk your relation. In other case, if your crush will behave normally after confession even if your crush has rejected you, then you will relieved and have some courage to confess.

If you have worked through both these fears, then it won't be difficult to confess. You must know your purpose of confession, whether you want their approval or you just want the person to know your feelings. Knowing your purpose will definitely give the courage to confess.
So be clear on what you want.

And also, you don’t have to worry for rejection or if things won’t go on your way

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Happy Valentine’s day !

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