Tribute for our Family

As we all keep going in those unprecedented times, we wished to pay tribute to some of our partners. They are for us more than that, they are a part of Bali culture and soul. While all business are struggling, we would like to say thank you to them and don’t worry, we we all be reunited to celebrate together soon !
Here are some of the outlets we can’t wait to go back to :


The best in Asia, Cuca Bali offers you a casual experience with some high local quality products for high qualitative meals. Get the finest of their meals delivered right to your home.
Involved in the situation that concerns all of us, they have offered their help and support to healthcare workers in delivering some sweet granola treats.
They lately have organized dome webinar cooking classes that we absolutely need love.
+62 812 3687 0486
Free delivery
*24 hours notice to prepare the meal. Free delivery for Jimbaran, Nusa Dua, Benoa & Uluwatu Area.

The best place to discover the finest of Italian cuisine is open ! You can come enjoy some delicious pasta and Risotto with some of our Plaga Rosé Wine, or get yourself some at home. Check out their Instagram account for some great tips and recipes. Want to become a chef ? Massimo delivers Meaty Pizzas kits straight to your house !

Open daily 11am-8.15pm
Dine-In, Take Away or Delivery (0361)288942 or 08113999727
Lacalaca Seminyak
Ever wished to have mexican vibes in Bali ? Lacalaca goes further and brings you some right to your doorstep. The vibes of fiesta in Bali is yet dead ! Colorful and tasty meals is only what you risk from ordering at Lacalaca Seminyak.

A big plus ? You’ll get some our Plaga wines there as well.

LACALACA Seminyak: +62 822 47312218
Double-Six Hotel
Remember how it was, having a drink of Plaga with your friends with the greatest of views during the sunset ? Those were the days !
For now, the doors of Double-Six hotel remains unfortunately closed.
But we do get our hopes and spirits down, as we know we will celebrate there again soon !
Cafe Sardinia Beachwalk
The place where you could have a break from intense shopping before crossing the street and go to the beach.
Cafe Sardinia is located in the Beachwalk mall center in Kuta. With a simple philosophy, enjoy a large variety of choice of food. Open all day long, you can enjoy the ocean view terrace with a glass of Plaga in hand.
Cafe Sardinia remains closed at the moment, we can’t wait to go back !

and together we keep celebrating,
Until we can all meet again,

Plaga Wine, Plaga Celebrate