What Type of Dim Sum You Are

Traditionally dim sum is worldwide most favorite Chinese food,
Find out what type of dim sum you are!

1. Would you rather steam or fried?
a) Steam
b) Fried
c) Raw

2. Would you rather take away or dine in?
a) Dine in
b) Take away
c) Delivery

3. What would you bring to picnic?
a) Home cook Sandwich or bento
b) Microwave Last night dinner
c) Anything from seven-eleven / family mart

4. Choose your type of noodle
a) Udon
b) Soba
c) Indomie

5. How do you stream your music?
a) Buy / subscribe from the album
b) Download full version at free Wi-Fi spot
c) Subscribe free trial any music apps

6. Choose Movie
a) Best of me
b) A quite place
c) Toy Story

7. Choose favorite middle school subject
a) Math
b) sport
c) the canteen

Time to reveal the result!

If your answer mostly A :
You are : Har gow

is one of the most popular dishes at dim sum, and features minced shrimp encased in a translucent starch wrapper. it’s not easy to make the perfect har gow wrapping (some are too thick, and some are too thin). You are someone that is well prepared, patiently wait in many situation, you always arrive earlier before the scheduled time

If your answer mostly B :
You are : Soup dumplings (xiao long bao)

Increasing in popularity as a dim sum dish recently, soup dumplings are typically filled with pork and a flavourful broth and then steamed. The result is a filling that you can chew and sip on. You’ll want to eat as many of these as you can possibly fit in. But be warned, it is extremely easy to burn yourself, the soup inside is piping hot.

Not a biggest complicated things fans but still ok with some complication. Supposed to be very careful person but somehow you always end by miss out simple things. Love to wandered around but you know reality is something you can’t control so you prepared to be disappointed sometimes.

Last but not least
If you answer mostly C :
You are : siu mai

is one of the first things that comes to mind. Packing a load of flavour into one bite, there are plenty of variations when it comes to siu mai, even coming in vegetarian styles.

You are the most flexible person in the field, go with the flow and very good at avoiding extra effort or wasting time

Now that you know what dim sum you are try to pair with your most favorite wine!

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