Wine and Cheese Pairing with Rosalie Cheese

Cheese and wine have become 2 things that cannot be separated one to another, we have done many food and wine pairing, and yet nothing can beat the basic of wine pairing with cheese.
While Wine and cheese are two of life’s great culinary pleasures, finding the perfect match can be a delicious endeavour. As with any wine and food pairing, there are a number of considerations, such as texture, acidity, fat and tannin.

In this opportunity we are partnering with Rosalie Cheese, Indonesia. A short cheesy story about Rosalie, Natural Indonesian Cheese.
Rosalie Cheese produces Natural Indonesian Cheese made from farm fresh ingredients without preservatives and colourings. Our workshop is located in Denpasar, Bali. We use traditional cheese making techniques and Indonesian milk which has unique flavour based on Indonesian varied climate, soil and plant life.
Our aim is to create specialty cheese with a unique twist on local flavour, developed to suits the local and International taste. The name of our company was inspired by a beautiful suburb in Brisbane - Australia called Rosalie where local gourmet thrives.

The founder,
Owned & operated locally. Ayu Linggih learned and practice cheese making techniques during her studies in Australia.

Partner Farm
"Beautiful milk will make absolutely tasty cheese!"
We highly support the local Indonesian dairy farmers by purchasing a significant amount of milk on a routine basis at a fair price point.
To ensure the quality & freshness of our products, the milk is collected from the morning milking and transformed into delicious cheese on the very same day. Currently, we are partnering with four partner farms in East Java and Bali to produce our amazing cheese. Our partner farm works very hard to maintain Hygiene, good quality of milk, Healthy cows & goats, Clean & Well managed farm and fair wages for the farm workers.

Our last event at Kinship studio Bali, enlighten the basic knowledge about wine and cheese,
We did 5 wine and 5 cheese pairing. It started with :

• Cabernet Sauvignon with Rosalie Black and White ( Soft Cheese, Firm paste – Chalky in the canter )
• Cabernet Merlot with Rosalie Milton ( Moist, slightly crumbly- flaky )
• Chardonnay with Rosalie Black Pepper Goat Cheese ( Fresh, Spicy, Tangy & Full of Flavour)
• Moscato Frizzante & Rose with Rosalie Crottin (Fresh cheese, Pungent & Strong Flavour, Wrapped in vine leaves, Macerated in beer & apple cider vinegar)
• Sauvignon Blanc with Rosalie Goat Feta ( Mild & Tangy )

For more information about Rosalie Cheese :
Jl. Benda Raya No. 8B1, Kemang

Phone: 021-7814801 / 081386431031

Email :

Operational :

Monday - Friday : 9am - 5pm

Saturday: 10am - 4pm

Stay tuned for the next wine and cheese pairing event.

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