Wine down at Yoga Glass

Rising energy and blissful flows, Karuna Yoga is one stop where you can find wine tasting in yoga class.

With Eveline, one of their Yoga instructors we learn some of basic Wine & Yoga moves:

1. Warrior II
a standing yoga pose that enhances strength, stability, and concentration, for balance hold a bottle of wine on each hand.

2. Tree Pose
Vrikshasana or Tree Pose is a balancing asana. It is one of the very few standing poses in medieval hatha yoga, and remains popular in modern yoga as exercise. Extend the pose by holding wine bottle on right hand and wine box on left hand.

3.Trikonasana ( wine box replacing yoga block )
Triangle Pose is a standing asana in modern yoga as exercise. This pose will strengthen your knee, thigh and ankle

4. Dancer Pose ( wine box as props to help balancing the practice )
Fully bend and stretch and twist most of your body , use wine box to hold and balance your body weight

5.Forearm Wheel Pose
It strengthens the muscles of the shoulder girdle. Pro tips : Walk your feet closer to your hands, as much as is comfortable. This will make it easier to bend your elbows.

So, moving your happy hour times at yoga class seems promising knowing that glass or two of red wine before bed could help you burn fat, due to the presence of resveratrol, a polyphenol that can break down white fat into brown fat (the kind that actually burns calories).

More information about Karuna Yoga :

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