Drinking in China is an pervasive social ritual. Toasting is a very important on-going ritual in China and it happens very regularly especially at a formal banquet, wedding, house warming and many other celebration.

One of their iconic gesture before drinking is Toasting or Cheers in Chinese is Ganbei (干杯) which literally means “dry the glass”. With each toast carried you must empty your glass. or during wedding celebration they believe they should yell Ganbei as long as they could to wish the brides and groom long life happiness.

Meanwhile, Chinese millennia’s are tend to drink to express their identity and their personality and social status.

Therefore aside from their own Baiju, drinking wine become very popular tradition for Chinese, especially red wines because red is synonymous with joy, luck, happiness, and wealth to Chinese consumers.

For many of us, Chinese New Year is a non-stop feast lasting from a few days to a few weeks. Because of customs, Chinese New Year meals often include similar dishes. The food, while delicious, can be heavy and even boring after a few days, so pairing with wine is an ideal way to add variation to the feast.

Some of tips to paired Wine & Chinese food :

Starter food, Siders such as Dim Sum , Xia Long Bao match with our red wine ( Cabernet Merlot and both Cabernet Sauvignon

When it comes to main Fish will go well with Sauvignon Blanc , the freshness and light finish will works just like lemon for the fish !

For the finish , light dessert such as onde - onde , sweet pao match well with Frizzante !

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