Rose Blend


A delicate rose, easy drinking with no more pretentions than be enjoyable from the first sip. Color: Pale rose. Aroma : Delicate floral entrance that blends perfectly with red berries and tropical fruits smell. Palate: Nice body and slightly sweet but well balanced with fresh acidity. Better drink cold.

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Origins: 40% Muscat Rose grapes, 60% Merlot grapes from Chile, Limari Valley. Fermentation: 20 days at 14 degrees Celsius. Alcohol: 12.4% Vintage: 2016


Plaga Rose Blend is the perfect wine to do the famous “PLAGA HOT SUMMER” wine cocktail. Here is the classic recipe to prepare it: PLAGA HOT SUMMER ¾c Plaga Red Blend ¼c lemon-lime soda Combine ingredients in a glass filled with ice. Stir and garnish with a lime wheel

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