Plaga Frizzante is the last of our additions in our portfolio. All in this wine was inspired in the Italian style in vinifications. Made from classic Italian grape verities, grout and harvest in the famous and beautiful Sicily Island, selected by our winemaker to make this unique wine, available now in Indonesia. The bubbles, the sweetness and the low alcohol make of this wine the perfect companion for any light food and good conversations. VARIETIES Origin: 60% Zibibbo (Muscat of Alexandria) 40% Glera, Sicily, Italy


Fermentation: 20 days with Italian yeast at 13 degrees Celsius. Aged: 6 months in stainless steel tank with light lees. Alcohol: 4.9%. Vintage: 2017.


Best comapnion for any kind of occasion, it is light and easy to drink. To celebrate any moment you have, party or just to relax. Best drink for ladies. And best pairing for any meal you desire.

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Plaga wines are made under the same parameters of vinification as prestigious vineyards in Australia, Chile and California. The fermentation process occurs under low temperatures using stainless steel tanks, pipes and pumps in order to preserve and extract the highest quality juice from imported grapes. In the stabilisation, clarification and filtration stages we have used only first quality enological products from overseas, assuring the quality of our product. The bottling process has been made in a special Italian bottling line to ensure a perfect seal and the correct evolution of the wine in bottle. Time, dedication and the most modern technology are an essential part of the vinification of each bottle of Plaga Wine.


Plaga Frizzante has an elegant flavor, with a typical taste of Muscat Frizzante wines, fresh and slightly sparkling, combined with a natural sweetness that balance perfectly with the acidity of the bubbles. This sparkling Muscat is fresh and seductive from the first sip with a pleasant finish. Color: Light yellow straw color. Aroma: Sweet flavors from white fruits and flowers, like pear, apple and jasmine, with pineapple hints. Palate: Freshness and sweetness are all along in each drop of Plaga Frizzante, with a punch of flavors of white fruits and flowers that wraps the palate.


199,000 IDR