Soft Pink Pale wine roses, best served chilled. Fragrant aroma of candy that remind us the childhood sweets. Intense, yummy and very pleasant. A sweet, young but balanced wine with a long pleasant finish.


Fermentation 20 days with French Yeast at 14 degrees Celsius. Alcohol 12,2%. Vintage 2018.


Rose is best served chilled on ice. It mixed well with both red adn white meat and is idealy paired with canapes and starters. ry it with salad, pasta, fish, rice dishes such as paella and nasi goreng.

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Plaga wines are made under the same parameters of vilification as prestigious vineyards in Australia, Chile and California. The fermentation process occurs under low temperatures using stainless steel tanks, pipes and pumps in order to preserve and extract the highest quality juice from imported grapes. In the stabilization, clarification and filtration stages we have used only first quality enological products from overseas, assuring the quality of our product. The bottling process has been made in a special Italian bottling line to ensure a perfect seal and the correct evolution of the wine in bottle. Time, dedication and the most modern technology are an essential part of the vinification of each bottle of Plaga Wine.


Color: A pale pink, salmon color evokes the wines of Provence. Aroma: A light aroma reveals red berries and slightly cut grass. Palate: The taste is naturally sweet, with elegant full-mouth palate thanks French untoasted Oak used in fermentation. Soft and fruity with a refreshing acidity.

Rose Wine

199,000 IDR


Rose Wine