White Blend


A flavored white, with Muscat base, perfect for drink with friends, also for mix with fruits or soft drinks. Colour: Light yellow. Aroma : There’s a delicate floral base that give way to some tropical fruits. Palate: Slightly sweet to support all evolving flavors, but with balanced fresh acidity. Better drink cold.


Fermentation : 10 days at 14 degrees Celsius. Alcohol : 12,4%. Vintage : 2018.


Plaga White Blend is the perfect wine to do the famous “Keep Swimming” wine cocktail. Here is the classic recipe to prepare it: KEEP Swimming 1oz Plaga White Blend 1oz vodka 1oz watermelon juice 1oz simple syrup ½oz lemon 1½oz soda water Combine ingredients except soda water in a cocktail shaker filled with ice. Shake and strain into a glass filled with ice. Top with soda water Drink!

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Plaga wines are made under the same parameters of vinification as prestigious vineyards in Australia, Chile and California. The fermentation process occurs under low temperatures using stainless steel tanks, pipes and pumps in order to preserve and extract the highest quality juice from imported grapes. In the stabilisation, clarification and filtration stages we have used only first quality enological products from overseas, assuring the quality of our product. The bottling process has been made in a special Italian bottling line to ensure a perfect seal and the correct evolution of the wine in bottle. Time, dedication and the most modern technology are an essential part of the vinification of each bottle of Plaga Wine.

White Blend

600,000 IDR


White Blend